DFS Explorer

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DFS Explorer

The DFS explorer displays the folders in the distributed file system. The following example illustrates how to use the DFS explorer.

On the performance monitoring panel, click on a data node "DFS_NODE1" to open a notebook for the node, and execute the following script:


month=take(2000.01M..2016.12M, n);

x=rand(1.0, n);

t=table(month, x)

db=database("dfs://valuedb", VALUE, 2000.01M..2016.12M)

pt = db.createPartitionedTable(t, `pt, `month)



select count(x) from pt;        

Then go to DFS explorer.

If we click "Go!" without entering a folder in the box, we will enter the root directory of the distributed file system.

Click on the folder of "valuedb", we can see the folders of partitions:

To check these folders of partitions, we can also enter a DFS folder path in the box of the DFS explorer: