Data Browser

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Data Browser

The data browser window shares the same area as the log window. It displays the result of executing the script in the editor window. A separate data browser pops out if you click on an item (other than a folder) in the variable explorer. It displays the contents of the chosen item.

Both the execution result and an item in the variable browser can be viewed as an object with multiple "pages". Each page has at most 1000 rows. The data browser displays 1 page at a time. We can use the drag icon on the right of the data browser window to view more rows on the current page. To move among pages, we can move the drag icon on the top of the data browser window. Even for a table with hundreds of millions of rows we can browse its contents in this way with extremely fast speed.

We can click on a column name to sort the contents on the current page based on this column in ascending order. Click again and the contents will be sorted in descending order. To sort on multiple columns sequentially, point the cursor on the page, right click and choose "Sort" to go to "Table Sorting Setup" to add more columns as the sorting columns. To remove the sorting order, choose "Clear All" in "Table Sorting Setup". Please note that if the table has more than 1000 rows, the sorting is only performed on the current page, not on the entire table.

Popup menu

The popup menu for data browser provides several useful operations. For examples, to copy the contents in the data browser to another file, right click on the table, and choose "CopyAll", then paste the contents in another application such as Excel. We can also right click and choose "Export To Excel" to directly export the contents to Excel. Please note if the table has more than 1000 rows, only the current page is copied or exported in this way. To export the entire table, we can use function saveText.