Project Explorer

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Project Explorer

We can use the project explorer to organize files efficiently. Right click on the workspace folder to create a new project, or import an existing folder. A new project and an imported folder will appear as a sub folder of the workspace folder in the project explorer window. To display the contents of a folder, we can either double click on the folder, or click on the small circle to the left of the folder.

After a new project is created, two folders will be automatically generated under the new project folder: modules and scripts. A module in DolphinDB is a script file that only contains function definitions. Usually we store the definitions of commonly used functions for a project in its modules folder. If a script in the scripts folder quotes a function, the system will look for its definition in the modules folder of the same project.

Popup menu

Right click on an item in the project explorer to display a popup menu with functionalities relevant to the selected item. For example, "Run" is displayed if a file is selected while "New Folder" is displayed to create a subfolder if a folder is selected.